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Altice Mobile may have the most affordable wireless deal

2019.09.19 10:39

An East Coast-based cable operator may have the best wireless deal in the nation, in terms of price and available features.

But Altice Mobile is being offered to customers in only 21 states.

The offer is sweet: Unlimited data, talk and text, plus free international calls, for $20 monthly, if youre a subscriber to Optimum or Suddenlink, the cable brands Altice runs in 21 states. If you live in the areas covered by the companies and dont subscribe to cable, you can get the deal for $30 monthly.

These terms are extremely liberal when compared to the big four wireless companies, which offer similar services for way more. For instance, AT&Ts charge is $80 monthly, compared to $70 for Verizon and $60 for T-Mobile and Sprint.

Several companies offer lower-priced service, with data caps. Mint Mobile, for instance, offers $25 monthly service – $15 for the first three months – but with just 3 gigabytes of data. However, the company is available nationwide.

A company spokesperson says the offer is limited, but no end date has been given as of yet. However, anyone who signs up will be guaranteed to keep the price.

Competitor Unreal Mobile, which is also available nationwide, is $20 monthly with 3 GB of data, or $30 monthly with 5 GB.

As cable operators have been losing customers to the cord-cutting, streaming crowd, they have begun offering low-priced wireless services to pick up the slack. Both Comcast and Spectrum offer unlimited service in different parts of the country for $45 a month.

Altice is a so-called MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), which leases wireless service from the major carriers and resells it to consumers. In this case, Altice is working with AT&T and Sprint. The markets for the offer include parts of New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut under the Optimum brand and as Suddenlink in parts of Arizona, Idaho, West Virginia, North Carolina, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas.

Beyond the $20 or $30 a line, Altice also charges a $10 activation fee. Youll need to either bring your phone or buy a new phone for the plan. Altice says it works with iPhones from the SE and iPhone 6 and above but only goes back one year for the Samsung Galaxy S fans, working with 2018s Galaxy S9 and above. Altice will be offering service with the new iPhone 11 as well.

The company sells phones on its website at full retail pricing. The iPhone XR, for instance, is $599 on Apples website, as well as Altices.


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