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By Paula Sarkisian

2019.05.29 04:24

 A scandal which consequences impact the German and European collaboration with the American security systems was launched by the German Federal Intelligence Agency, known as BDN, in cooperation with its military counterpart which is directly responsible for tracking ISIS on war fields, known in Germany as “Counter Intelligence Services” MAD.

Details were relayed to the Washington Weekly reporter by Sofia Webber who affirmed that what is public knowledge in regard of the Raslan-Gharib case does not concur with the case file.
Webber is an activist in Human Rights Organizations assembly, and an activist for the Provide Legal Aid to Victims of War Crimes in Order to Prosecute their Perpetrators. She is also a member of an assembly supported by the German government and European Union which mission is to collect evidence against war criminals, prove these evidence, and prosecuting the criminals who have fled to Europe.
Mrs. Webber stated to the Washington Weekly reporter that “Lately, the case of two Syrian officers who were arrested in Berlin in February was highlighted. Later, they were found to have been US agents, and that one of them has worked in ISIS for US.”
“When their relation to the CIA was uncovered, the Americans have withdrawn the two officers from Syria to be relocated in Germany for the purpose of founding terrorist cells under the banner of ISIS but which work under direct orders from the American Intelligence.” She added.
“Apparently, the beginning of the file was through documented information investigated by the MAD, over years of cooperation with BDN. When zero hour was specified, both parties handed the file over to the German Internal Security device, where the public prosecution and police were informed with all data before the cell was arrested and its members detained; two persons residing in Germany, a third in Paris, and others whose destiny is not yet revealed by Berlin.”
 (General Hafez Makhlouf - sourse: al-jadeed Tv)
The leader of the alleged ISIS cell in former Colonel in the “State Security” administration, Anwar Raslan, who was the second man in a device called al-Khatib Branch, mentioned in UN registry under branch 251.
His assistant and start person in the American cell arrested by the German authorities is the former ISIS commander in Der Ezour. His name is Iyad al-Gharib, and he was Raslan’s personal assistant.
“based on the documented files, the German Public Persecution issued an order to arrest the two men on February 13th, 2019. The arrest was justified by suspicion in crimes against humanity, retaining the information about the US involvement in said cell to be reveal at court hearings.” Mrs. Webber continued.
“This judicial tactic was intended for the purpose of embarrassing the US intelligence by the two agents, Anwar Raslan and Iyad Gharib, in front of cameras in the courtrooms.” Claimed Sofia Webber.
The German Persecution pointed out that the older suspect, Anwar Raslan, gave orders for methodical and brutal torture sessions when he was Head of Investigation Department and Prison, attached to Branch 251, between April 2011 and September 2012. German authorities revealed that Raslan has been living in Germany since 2014, arriving through Jordan. Anwar al-Buney, Syrian lawyer and Head of the Syrian Legal Studies and Research, has confirmed that the first suspect is, in fact, the war criminal Coloner Anwar Raslan, the former Head of the Internal Branch 251 known as al-Khatib Branch.”
Webber claimed that she was acquainted with the hidden details through her organization’s lawyer, including: 
“The evidence proving the two men’s crimes and one’s leadership of an ISIS brigade of fifteen hundred terrorists in Der Ezour, for the interest of the Americans, as well as the testimonies given by the residents of the governorate, are documented in audio and picture.”
Regarding the suspects’ defense, Webber said that “an anonymous part has hired a team of well-known layers, and their defense is that these men ‘are dissidents from the Syrian regime and have assisted the revolution.’” 
Iyad al-Gharib’s defense attorney presented, as an example, an offer to transform the suspect into an witness against one of the prominent officers in the Syrian regime. However, the offer was disregarded by the court because al-Gharib’s relation to said officer proves the inaccuracy of his narrative.
After the court’s dismissal of Iyad al-Gharib’s false testimony, his attorney presented a folder of articles full of undocumented fabrications. One of which was an article heavily published on websites funded by American parties, and written by Akram Assaf, a man who is close to the Americans.
Assaf claims that al-Gharib is not a war criminal and that he received threats from the Head of Branch 40 of the Syrian Intelligence.
News websites and opposition activists related to him also participated in the campaign, caiming that the war criminal, Iyad al-Gharib, did not work with ISIS, rather with the Free Army.
In al-Gharib’s defense file, one of the activists who is also a CIA agent claims that Iyad al-Gharib was not Col. Raslan’s assistant in torturing detainees, and has not murdered two opposition members through shots to their heads in October 2011 on the barricades of Branch al-Khatib.
The evidence was the article written by the famous activist, Akram al-Assaf.
German intelligence leaks stated that the Americans exploited the former activist, Akram al-Assaf’s fame in the demonstrations of Der Ezour to launch a media and legal campaign to acquit al-Gharib of all accusations. Parties funded by American devices spread an article attributed to Akram al-Assaf in which he claims that Iyad al-Gharib received threats from General Hafez Makhlouf regarding his disabled daughter.
When the persecution requested the German Intelligence to provide it with a study regarding the threats, it was clearly documented that a charity who provides medical aids to the disabled, is funded by Makhlouf’s family, and he donates personally to the charity which has treated the disabled girl who al-Gharib claims has committed crimes in defense of.
The girl underwent life-saving surgeries which were funded by the charity founded and funded by General Makhlouf’s family, according to documents obtained by the Germans from the most famous private hospital in Damascus. Even investigations with al-Gharib proved this information, after which he admitted to the inaccuracy of what his defense attorneys and al-Assaf have claimed.
New information further affirms the truth behind the previous documents confirming that Anwar Raslan is Iyad al-Gharib’s employer, not Hafez Makhlouf as the American propaganda claimed through American-funded Syrian activists. 
Why did the Americans insert Makhlouf’s name?
According to a source in Berlin, who has experience and knowledge in the Middle East and European relations with Syria, this step was intended to serve several purposes.
First, exploiting the family relations between Makhlouf and the Syrian President in order to paint Germany as targeting President Bashar al-Assad since the Germans are among the most enthusiasts for a security collaboration with the Syrian regime.
Al-Assaf’s article did not garner the admiration of the most famous human rights lawyer in Syria, Akram el-Buney, who disclaimed the article and insisted that the two men are war criminals, and that al-Gharib has only worked in Branch 251 and has never been employed in Branch 40, as al-Assaf claims.
El-Buney stated in an article published under his name and which moved among the Syrian opposition sites:
“The two men are war criminals and we have sufficient documents proving this fact and the fact that they have later dissented, but this does not justify forgiveness for their crimes.”
On its part, Der Spiegel uncovered different information confirming el-Buney’s claims.
Webber, on her part, assured that “the German investigations include documents provided by BDN to the court in which it is confirmed that Gen. Makhlouf has ordered an investigation in al-Gharib’s relationship to the murder of two civilians on the barricades of Branch 251 in al-Khatib Street in Damascus, based on which the suspect fled to his hometown “al-Muhassan” in Der Ezour in October 2011, aided by the influential officer, Anwar Raslan.”
The exiled Syrian activist, Zoya Bustan, confirmed her acquaintance with Iyad al-Gharib, and that she was detained in Branch 251 where he worked. This testimony disclaims everything al-Assaf gave during his own testimony.
On their part, the German Federal representatives stated that Raslan (56 years old) was a commander in the investigation department in a branch of the general intelligence administration in Damascus. He was commander of the operations in a prison in which the detainees were subjected to “methodical and brutal torture”. Also, according to the German magazine’s website, Der Spiegel, and reported from the General Persecutor’s office, Iyad al-Gharib (42 years old), worked in the division headed by Raslan.
This testimony be the German persecution also disclaims the American intelligence agent, Akram al-Assaf. France Press information also confirmed Webber’s statement, on February 14th, 2019, that Anwar Raslan participated in tortures and murders, and that Iyad al-Gharib participated in the murder of two men and the torture of no less than two thousand people between July 2011 and January 2012, according to what the French Press Agency reported from a statement issued by the Public Persecution of the German Federal Karlsruhe. 
The EU attorney for human rights links, Clemence Pictart, said that “this is wonderful news”. And to France Press she said that “It is comforting to know that the persecution of two Syrian perpetrators is taking place in Europe.”
Will Berlin finally reveal the hidden facts?
Those hidden facts are the following:
Both Raslan and al-Gharib have collaborated with US intelligence when they were still in Damascus. When one of them relocated to Der Ezour, the US ordered them to commit several activities which fall under the definition of war crimes for the sole purpose of inciting the demonstrations to a military level.
Through Raslan, the US intelligence managed the formation of a militant brigade under the leadership of Iyad al-Gharib – a Brigade which has pledged allegiance to ISIS and operated under its banner in Der Ezour.
Also, the US intelligence relocated them into exile and organized their entrance to Germany in order to form dormant terrorist cells which recruits extremists to later execute terrorist operations in Germany and Europe. However, these terrorist operations are not under ISIS orders, but rather under US intelligence orders who wants to achieve a hidden agenda in accordance to a style previously utilized not only in enemy countries, but also in allied ones.
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