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More Car Share? "Never say never", says Sian

2018.05.24 05:14

With the apparent finale of Peter Kays Car Share airing over the forthcoming bank holiday, its star Sian Gibson has revealed it could return.

Asked in a BBC Q&A ahead of next Mondays broadcast if it really is the "last-ever Car Share", the actress and writer replied: "Never say never."

Many fans hope Mondays episode will see John (Kay) and Kayleigh (Gibson) finally get together.

Kays Car Share Unscripted aired earlier this month.

The improvised episode was a warm-up for the shows finale although it was met with a mixed reaction from both viewers and critics.

But theres more pressure for the finale. More than 100,000 people signed a petition demanding a proper pay-off after John and Kayleighs relationship was left up in the air at the end of the second series.

Kay said: "Youd never believe that itd ever have that kind of effect. A petition!" while Gibson joked: "I signed it... twice."

BBC Controller of Commissioning Comedy, Shane Allen, told the Radio Times: "Its absolutely about giving the audience what they want.

"He was blown away by the response to the series. He never ever takes anything for granted, feels very lucky to be doing what hes doing and doesnt ever count his chickens when it comes to the audience response.

"He listened to the fans, and in many ways it was the hardest episode to write and make because of the weight of expectation on it, but I think its got the perfect blend of hilarity and heart."

Allen also recalled when Kay first suggested the idea for Car Share to the BBC.

"His initial verbal pitch went: Its about two people in a car on their way to and from work, just talking to each other. I know that sounds crap, but youve got to trust me. Im very glad I did," he said.

One unnamed leading TV comedian told Radio Times: "Normally, the BBC is all over everything, deciding how and when something will be previewed, trailed, publicised. But with Peter, they just have to let him do whatever he wants."

Allen said of Kay: "Hes the most unstarry person I know... hes an absolute dream."

Gibson said she would "miss all the fun we have filming but as I see Peter all the time it doesnt feel like theyve gone away".

Kay has kept a low profile since announcing in December that he was cancelling his future work projects, including his stand-up tour, for family reasons.

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