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Trump responds to St. Petersburg bombing

2017.04.03 10:13

President Trump made brief remarks Monday about the subway bombing in St. Petersburg, Russia, saying that the deadly attack was “absolutely a terrible thing.”

The bomb blast on a subway train in Russia’s second-largest city killed 10 people and injured about 40 as Russian President Vladimir Putin was visiting the city.

“Terrible. Terrible thing. Happening all over the world,” Mr. Trump said when a reporter asked about the attack.

Mr. Trump was sitting down to lunch in the State Room with Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi. A reporter at a photo spray of the lunch asked about the bombing.

Terrorism topped the agenda for the bilateral meetings between Mr. Trump and Mr. el-Sissi.

Earlier, as they met in the Oval Office, the two leaders pledged to work together to defeat radical Islamic terrorism.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the St. Petersburg explosion. Russia’s trains and subways, however, are frequently targeted by radical Islamic terrorists, usually linked to the insurgency in Chechnya.


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