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Network of Spies and blackmail got southern businessman "Kassem Hojeij" to the US blacklist

2016.08.30 08:22

 A Law Firm in the US capital Washington revealed its intention to raise a request to the US judiciary to force the intelligence official of the sanctions committee at the US Treasury Department, "Daniel Glaser," to reveal the source of his counterfeit information about a Lebanese diplomat and businessman of African citizenship and enjoys diplomatic immunity as a consul of pride for the State of Gabon in Lebanon . Glaser has provided information and documents based on intelligence reports obtained from a gang of extortion and forgery involving some figures who had previously worked in the field of espionage on behalf of the Saudi Arabia and Israeli intelligence services before they started to work with the Americans in Beirut, a gang that includes a former reporter who was very close to the Syrian regime before she turned against them following the discovery of her role in the assassination of some scientist and academic characters by Al-Qaeda and then emerged openly as a close friend of the Saudi Arabian intelligence services before she started reporting to an Israeli magazine and give the Israeli services information, under the press cover, about Lebanese figures shes related to, which led to the assassination of some of the veterans working on the Mossad networks in Lebanon, including Lebanese Officials. To broaden her financial benefits the reporter who is specialized in forgery fabricated information about Lebanese wealthy figures in order to blackmail them and get a lot of money, a tactic she used with Kuwaiti, Syrian, and Lebanese personalities and succeeded in those extortion efforts. The law office of human rights in Washington insists on revealing the source of the information that led to place the man of charity and developmental projects known as Qasim Hojeij on the regulations of US sanctions, although he is not involved in any criminal or terrorist activity and despite his political and electoral struggle with the Hezbollah organization who is considered a terrorist organization under US laws to the extent that Hojeij enjoys the protection of the Lebanese security services official allied to the Americans to protect him from Hezbollah and his gunmen after a shooting at his home in the recent municipal elections in which supporters of the Hojeij defeated Hezbollah members in many southern villages, where the stronghold of the fundamentalist party. Hojeij, who was born in Lagos in 1952, is one of the pillars of the economy in a number of countries and has never been the subject of any criminal investigation throughout his career in the field of international business and it was until June of last year, Chairman of a licensed Lebanese bank that works within the laws. A lawyer of the activists on this case confirmed that Qasim Hojeijs case is not the only one where the US security agencies fell into the trap of erroneous and false information and which depends on people with history of working with enemies of the United States. The human rights activist also revealed the following information: - The so called (??) have old relationship with the Israeli intelligence service "Mossad" and have met a beautiful woman in Beirut named (??) And have recruited her to work for the Mossad through an emotional relationship and then she became a partner in his spying network. And the so called (???) precedents that harmed his credibility in many cases and made his intelligence reports not eligible and unacceptable by the US intelligence and because he has been accused and convicted of drug cases in the Lebanese courts. - After years of his relationship with the Lebanese beauty, she provided services to the Mossad by recruiting many Lebanese and Syrian figures by sexual and emotional relationships discreetly. R-K used that woman in the extortion of businessmen, officers, and ministers by videotaping during a sexual intercourse with them or with their wives where she use to get information from a reporter that stopped shinning in the media field and turned to intelligence and espionage work. Shes also involved in extortion where the Lebanese beauty partner of (??) the Lebanese beauty would look for prominent Lebanese figures wives interested in homosexuality and establish sexual relation with them and videotape the event then the second reporter would interfere to blackmail these women and get them to give her money and other services that benefit the gang in achieving financial gains and to get their husbands to sign and facilitate corrupted transactions in institutions they occupy responsibilities in. - Before the year 2011 The Lebanese beauty was intentionally introduced to the businessman Qasim Hojeij where she worked in one of his offices and later became responsible for his personal office, the gang studied his character and knew that he is a benefactor that have the audacity to spend money on the poor based on that the gang put a persuasive dramatic plot with evidence including medical papers proving that the Lebanese beauty needed special therapeutic care. The businessman became emotionally involved with compassion towards the divorced beauty situation and started offering his assistance after the other. Through habituation, friendship and intense proximity of her conditions the compassion turned into a great love that led the businessman to ask her to marry him. They got married in 2011 secretively upon her request fearing that her parents would not approve because the businessman was already married and shes the second wife. ( the Lebanese law permits that based on Islamic Shiism law) and thats what her family would not approve and might revenge by killing both of them. Hojeij became after that a source of funds which gave the gang an opportunity to stop many other extortion operations till the beauty decided to keep all financial benefits to herself that is when she was threatened by the other reporter and by her partner and former Lover (????), who owns sexual videos and photographs as evidence of her sexual encounters with Israeli intelligence officers outside Lebanon. The threat worked to bring her back into the game after years of withdrawing money from the businessman through his traitorous wife the Lebanese Beauty. Since the businessman has put money and real estate at his wifes disposal, so called (??) through extortion and threat made the Lebanese beauty register it in his name and it became private properties worth millions of dollars registered under his name and her husband entrusted her with owned by the swindler spy ( ???). At that point, a group linked to the suspected gang and the Spy reporter offered to mediate with the Americans in behalf of Qasim Hojeij before they impose penalties on him and the bank he was the chairman of his board of directors for the sum of twenty million dollars. When the man refused because he was confident that himself and his companies did not violate international or US law. After that fraudulent information was provided to the US Treasury Department and the gang thought that this will force Hojeij to register his estates worth billions in his beloved wifes name whom he trusts blindly. They predicted that as soon as the US sanctions resolution against him is out everything will be in his treacherous wifes name to protect those estates from forfeitures. The businessman realized through the tips of his advisers that there was a traitor in his office falsified papers and documents and financial transfers, and presented it to the Americans began, upon that an internal investigation in his companies started to figure out the source of fraud. After the exposure of the fraud and extortion process His beautiful wife ran away from their home which led Hojeij to discover that she is probably who presented real information about him to be transferred through fabrication to a valid material for exploitation against him. With her running away he was sure that his wife is unfaithful. The information provided to the US intelligence was provided by the beautiful wife and the swindler (??) in exchange of a sum of money that was paid from the American taxpayers money. The Treasury Department put Qasim Hojeij on the list of sanctions on charges of helping Hezbollah, even though he is one of the opponents of Hezbollahs influence, at least at the municipal and services level in South Lebanon. Do the effort of the attorneys office in Washingtons lead to prove the innocence of a businessman who helped the US administration in achieving their criminal goals against him

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