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Mario Balotelli tells Manchester United to "shut up" on Twitter after City score...20 minutes later United take the lead in thrilling derby

2015.04.13 04:30

Why always him?
Mario Balotelli, who famously unveiled that t-shirt after scoring for Manchester City against Manchester United in October 2011, sent out a celebratory tweet telling United to "shut up" after Sergio Aguero put the visitors 1-0 up at Old Trafford in the eighth minute.
The joy didnt last long, however, soon United stormed into a 2-1 lead before the break. They then won the match 4-2 after racing into a 4-1 lead with 17 minutes remaining.
The result put United four points clear of City in third place.
Balotelli now plays for Liverpool, but showed his delight that his former team were in the lead, which lasted just six minutes in the end.

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