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Stylus maker Adonit releases its first iPad drawing app

2015.02.24 08:39

 Adonit makes some of the best iPad styluses out there, and now its starting to make an iPad drawing app to help you sketch with them. The app, called Forge, is being released today. Its specifically designed to work with Adonits pressure-sensitive Jot Touch stylus, but itll work with any generic stylus and even your finger, too.

Forge is a fairly straightforward drawing app with five tools, a quick color selector, and most of the screen left empty for you to sketch on. All of the tools work well and do a good job of translating your marks into smooth and stylish lines, especially when youre using the Jot Touch. Forges interface has a minimal aesthetic that tries to streamline the process of getting you from opening the app to starting to draw — it should look really familiar to anyone whos used Adobes Line and Sketch apps before. For the most part, its as simple as you want it to be while still allowing you to quickly change brush sizes and adjust your color choices.
What Adonit sees as Forges speciality is how it handles layers. For one, support for layers isnt something that you often find in a lot of these simple drawing apps, so thats already a step up. Forge also makes it really easy to move a layer from one page to a new one, allowing you to continually iterate on designs, sketches, and ideas. Thats how Adonit believes that a drawing app should be used — though, depending on your work habits, that may be more or less useful.
Forge is free to use, but youll be limited by how many files you can save unless you pay $3.99. Owners of a Jot Touch will want to give Forge a try to see if its worth the money; though other apps — including Sketch and Zen Brush — integrate support for the enhanced features of the Jot Touch, Adonits app is likely to present some of the best results you can get. In our initial testing of the app, the stylus worked well as long as you held it at the right angle. Given the iPads limited ability to handle styluses, any improvement might be worth it.
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