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Lenny Kravitz designed a Leica that"s the camera version of pre-ripped Abercrombie jeans

2015.02.24 08:37

 Leica is releasing another jealousy-inducing camera, this time featuring a gorgeous, custom design from musician Lenny Kravitz. This isnt a brand new model, just a redesigned version of the existing Leica M-P, but it has a stylish overhaul that makes it look like a worn, premium, and reliable device that youve been toting around for a while. Most notably, the cameras black coating has been intentionally worn away to reveal streaks of the bronze underneath along the edges. Additionally, the bodys trim is being replaced by black snakeskin, which is also being used for an included camera and wrist strap. You can absolutely laugh at the fact that this is a multi-thousand dollar camera that intentionally looks worn, but when it comes down to it, the custom M-P still looks good — and, as with most Leicas, its hard not to want it.

Kravitzs Leica is being sold as a limited edition set, of which only 125 are being made. Itll be packaged inside of a custom case — also covered in snakeskin — and will include two lenses, the Leica Summicron-M 35mm and the Leica Summilux-M 50mm, which also appear to feature some intentional wear. Leica hasnt announced a price for the set, but given that it includes an M-P and two lenses, wed guess that its probably somewhere around the price of a years college tuition. (Okay, thats a slight exaggeration depending on the school: an M-P typically costs $7,950, and the lenses go for $2,945 and $3,745, respectively.) Update: Leica tells us theyll go for $24,500.
Kravitz is apparently a known Leica fan who got his start in photography on a Leicaflex, which is how this collaboration came to be. It turns out, in addition to being a musician, an actor, and a producer, Kravitz also founded a design firm. Leica makes it sound like Kravitz himself played a role in designing the custom M-P on behalf of his firm. Kravitzs M-P is being called the "Correspondent," and its going to be made available in March at Leica stores. Better start saving up now.
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